Whole Hams in Sale Bags

    After you receive your whole ham, you may let it sit or hang uncut for an indefinite period of time.  We recommend that you hang it in a cool, dry place that is ventilated like a utility room or garage, not an attic.  If you store the ham in a warm place like the attic, the ham will get greasy.  Do not store the ham in an area with a strong odor such as gas or oil as it will absorb the odor.  The ham does NOT require refrigeration at this stage while it is uncut.  You may leave it whole and uncut or uncooked for several weeks but the ham will continue to dry and shrink and the meat will lose some of its moisture content.

                                                                                 Sliced Ham

    If you buy a sliced ham from us or if you get your ham sliced where you live, then you will need to refrigerate it after slicing.  Some people will store the ham in the refrigerator while others will freeze it.  

   If you keep it in the refrigerator you may leave it wrapped up and take out pieces as you need them.  The ham slices will keep up to one week in the refrigerator before spoiling.  If you wish to store the ham in the refrigerator for a longer period of time, then place the slices in a plastic tub, submerge them in cooking  oil and cover.  This process helps to seal the meat and keep it from drying out.  You may keep the ham slices covered in oil for up to 4 months.  When you are ready to cook, just rinse the ham under warm water to remove the oil and put it into the frying pan.

    If you freeze the ham, you may want to pre-portion the pieces into separate packs.  We have had some customers recommend to leave the bone marrow on the ham as this will help to protect the meat while it is in the freezer.

    With either of these methods your ham, if not eaten right away, should last several weeks or months without a noticeable change in quality.

                                                                    Vacuum pack slices

    Vacuum pack slices don't require refrigeration.  However, if you leave it out on the the counter and a tiny hole gets in the package, even the size of a pin, then air will get in the package and the meat will spoil.  Store unopened packages in the refrigerator or freezer for future use.

                                                                           Gift Box

    You do not need to refrigerate the gift box or the packages inside until you open them.

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